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Decentralized market making protocol


Circuit is a decentralised, multi-chain market maker focused on providing deep liquidity to DeFi protocols and decentralised exchanges.

Circuit Vaults

Circuit Vaults are non-custodial vaults that allow anybody to deposit in a fully algorithmic orderbook market making strategy designed by the Circuit team professions. Our Vaults are natively integrated into each DEX to provide orderbook liquidity.

Traditionally, this type of market making strategy has been largely restricted, making it difficult for individual investors to contribute passive liquidity and take advantage of high-yield MM strategies in a transparent manner.

Circuit is here to democratise market making, making it accessible to a wider audience and allowing more people to enjoy MM rewards.

Why Use Circuit Vaults?

  • Access to institutional market making strategies

    Users can get access to high-yield MM strategies that are typically unavailable to them.

  • Transparency and Control over your own Funds

    Circuit Vaults allow users to deposit USDC into their vault contract, ensuring full transparency and control over their funds.

  • Trustless Deposits

    Circuit vaults managers can only place or cancel orders in the account and will not be able to withdraw any asset. As a result, the user's funds remain within their custody, enhancing security and trust.

  • Community Distribution of Market Making Returns

    Circuit Vaults take a user-centric approach to distributing market making returns. The returns generated through market making activities are distributed among depositors based on their share of the total deposits. This system ensures a fair and proportional distribution of profits, aligning the incentives of all participants.

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